The promise of commitment

When we find someone we want to commit our lives to then it is right and proper to want to celebrate that love and in this parish we would want to help you do that.

Can I get married here?

Marriage is regulated by the State and firstly you must be old enough.  If you are under 18 years old you will need your parents’ consent to marry and by law you cannot be married in the UK until you are 16. 

 In law any couple has the right to marry in the parish Church of the parish in which they live, regularly worship, or with which they have had a connection in the past.

 Weddings must take place between 8 am and 6 pm on any day.

One of us has been divorced. Can we still marry in this Church?

Yes, you can. The Church still believes that marriage should be a lifelong commitment but we recognise that not all relationships are healthy and life-enhancing. When a marriage has ended we accept that it is possible to find love again and to want that love blessed in Church. Please do not hesitate to speak to our Vicar about this.

One of us is not Church of England

You don’t have to be Church of England to marry in a Church of England Church – you just need to willing to have a Church of England wedding service. You do not even have to be Christian – though you do have to understand and accept that the service will be Christian in form and prayer.

One of us is not from this country

This shouldn’t be a problem though getting the legal permission to marry will require something called a Common License which costs a little bit more and involves seeing a legal officer of the Church with passports, permissions to live in this country and some other documents. It takes a little longer and you will need to let us know that one of isn’t entitled to a British Passport.

I don’t want to get married here but in another Church somewhere else.

It is possible to marry in a different parish Church to the one whose area you live in – you will need to have a connection to that Church of your own or through your parents or worship there regularly. You will still need to have your banns called here – a form of legal preparation for marriage – and we are happy to help with that as well. Please do bear in mind that you should give us plenty of notice – we have to call your banns (announce that you want to marry) on three consecutive Sundays within three months of the wedding date. This is a legal requirement for getting married and once the banns have been called there is a legal form you have to collect and give to the priest of the Church in which you are marrying. 

Weddings for those in St James’ parish now take place in the Church of St Mary with All Souls on the corner of Priory Road and Abbey Road.

Wedding Music st St Mary’s

Our Music Director and choir want to make sure that the music you choose is perfect for your special day. To help you our Music Director has produced these guidelines to help you find music that will always remind you of your wedding day.

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